Brief on

Hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone, and at any point during a person’s life. It affects different people to varying degrees and for different reasons, and can be triggered by any number of environmental and biological factors.


Problem Explained

Ear as an organ for hearing is a vital medium for communication. The sound wave which is converged  by the funnel like pinna sending it to the middle ear having the eardrum, which vibrates along with the 3 ossicles or tinybones and convert the signals into electric impulses to be sent to the brain for understanding. Any problem anywhere in this process can lead to loss of hearing.

Sudden hearing loss is not a common occurrence, but more often it develops gradually, till the patient fails to notice that they are missing out subtle everyday sounds such as a ticking clock or a rustling newspaper, currency etc. By the time it’s moderate to severe, the patient finds it’s difficult to comprehend or follow speech which is often noticed by the patient’s family members and close aids, who had to repeat to make them heard.