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Audiometry is a technique to access the hearing acuity of an individual. It is done in a sound proof environment and studying the hearing by inducing various frequency sounds to access the hearing loss. This is done to understand the extent of hearing loss and to understand the necessity of hearing aids to increase the hearing

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Video Stroboscopy

Video stroboscopy is one of the key equipment for ENT Consultants. A specialised equipment to identify the problems associated with vocal cord conditions and abnormalities.  It helps in visualising the cords in action and gives a clear picture of its functions when induced by your consultant

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Flexible Video Laryngoscope

Video laryngoscopy is a technique to visualise the larynx. A specialised fiber optic technology enabled tube is inserted into the larynx to capture live images and video of the internal larynx. The approach to the larynx can be through mouth or through nose, based on the comfort a doctor gets. The video is projected on screen for detailed study

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Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation

A process to regain the function of the muscle that are either paralysed or nerve conduction disorder. The procedure help to restore volitional movement & function of the organ