The Clinic:

MS ENT Centre is a premier provider of treatment for Voice and Swallowing Disorders in Bengaluru,India.Our advanced knowledge, extensive training and compassion for the hearing impaired has been our hallmark and has allowed us to stand out as the leader in the ENT community for over 30 years.

Dr. Sanjay Subbaiah, one of the best known ENT specialists in Bangalore, manages MS ENT Centre, conveniently located at LalBagh Road, Bangalore. Dr. Sanjay’s skills, expertise and genuine passion for treating all things connected to VOICE and SWALLOWING – medically as well as surgically, has made him popular among the general public in Bangalore. Dr.Sanjay has pursued and earned the highest reputation for providing highest quality, comprehensive, personalized and cost-effective specialty care with ethics, honesty and integrity. 

We are a one-stop shop for Ethical Dispensing of Programmable Digital Hearing Aids, programming done using NOAH Link and Bluetooth technology, trusted dealers of high definition hearing aids.